Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Westfield Real Estate Market Has the Right Stuff in August, 2011

westfield indiana real estate data chart - August 2011
Ask any Westfield home seller and you won’t find any disagreement on this point: The market would benefit by a significant decrease in the number of homes for sale. This is true not only of the Westfield real estate market in particular but the U.S. market in as a whole. In the case of Westfield, there was a 3-percent drop in the total number of Westfield homes for saleversus the previous month’s total of 263. But what’s most significant about this is the fact that it represents a 19.8-percent reduction in total listings versus last August’s total of 318. Further still, the average number of homes listed per month from June through August of 2011 fell 18.5 percent versus this same quarter last year.
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