Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Improvement Seen in Center Township Real Estate Market in August, 2011

Center Township indiana real estate data chart - August 2011
While there were fewer sales entering the pipeline, there were an addition 23 homes placed on the market in August, making for a 2-percent increase in total listings. But there is an upside to this stat: Namely, the 1,157 Center Township homes for sale in August of this year represents a significant 19.5-percent reduction compared to this same month 1 year ago, when there were 1,437 homes listed on the Center Township real estate market. Further still, there was an average of 1,159 homes listed for sale per month during the quarter that spanned June through August of this year compared to a monthly average of 1,454 listings during this same quarter in 2010, or 20.3 percent fewer.
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