Metro Indianapolis, IN at a Glance

Indianapolis, Indiana

Photo of Indianapolis Skyline
Indianapolis has had many names over the years—Naptown, the Circle City, and Indy to name a few—but it has always been the political and cultural capital of the Hoosier state. This Midwest metropolis is built around Monument Circle and the impressive spire of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. The sprawl of art galleries, businesses, restaurants, and attractions that is downtown Indianapolis is all constructed with this “circle” in mind, hence the Circle City moniker. You can learn more about Indianapolis, IN at - Indy. You'll find good news, events, things to do and general information about the city that you won't find on most other websites.

Even thought Indy is the twelfth largest city in the country, Indianapolis real estate owners don’t feel the claustrophobia associated with major cities. Yet, they still have that urban accessibility that comes with living in a larger community. Performance art along Mass Ave and nightlife in Broad Ripple Village provide plenty of recreational opportunities, and sports fanatics might start taking a closer look at Indianapolis homes for sale when they learn that Indy is home to a few big name sports franchises and multimillion dollar stadiums, including Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis Colts) and Conseco Fieldhouse (Indiana Pacers). Both the geographical and cultural center of Indiana, Indianapolis has a lot to offer for convenience minded Hoosier home buyers. To see all of the homes for sale by REALTORS in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding cities, visit msWoods Real Estate, LLC.

Avon, Indiana Information

Photo of Downtown Avon
With just 7,000 residents to its name, Avon, Indiana can look pretty simple compared to its big city neighbor ten miles to the east, Indianapolis. Fortunately for its residents, Avon has a pretty good number of attractions for such a small town, which makes buy and Avon home a good idea.

Relaxation is king among the cultivated flowers, bubbling fountains, and open nature at the Avon Perennial Gardens, while the more sports minded can run around the playing fields at Washington Township Community Park. And if your kids are too small for real links, Avon real estate owners can play a round or two at Monster Mini-Golf. The Community Heritage Festival reminds Avon residents of their town’s history every year with bouncy castles, historically accurate costumes, and fun and games for everybody. Though Avon is small, there’s a lot to offer residents looking to have some fun!

Brownsburg, Indiana

Photo of Brownsburg Town Hall
You might think that thrills are hard to come by in a town of 18,000 residents, but that doesn’t stop Brownsburg real estate owners from living it up when they get the chance. Arbuckle Acres Park, one of the largest Brownsburg parks, is the site of much of the entertainment in Brownsburg, particularly the Festival of the Arts, which brings hundreds of artists and vendors to Brownsburg to showcase their work. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway isn’t the only famous race track in Indiana: Brownsburg is home to the O’Reilly Raceway Park, a popular drag racing strip where important races like Speedfest and the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals are held. And the presence of Brownsburg High School might tip the scale in favor of purchasing Brownsburg homes for sale, since the educational system is worth its salt in this Indianapolis suburb.

Carmel, Indiana

Photo of Carmel Arts Council Gallery
Far from a simple bedroom community, the rapidly growing suburb of Carmel, Indiana seeks to rival Indianapolis for the amount of fun its residents can have. The government if Carmel is currently focused on improving the cultural climate in their suburb, a focus that was first seen when the new Carmel Arts & Design District was implemented in downtown Carmel. Other cultural attractions in Carmel, Indiana include the three stage Center for the Performing Arts and the shopping and business plaza known as the Carmel City Center. Carmel real estate owners benefit even further from the presence of the Meridian Corridor, the center of Carmel’s commerce and the home of dozens of corporations. This is a great time to jump on Carmel homes for sale, as this city certainly has its sights set on the future of development.

Danville, Indiana

Danville Mayberry Cafe
There aren’t too many towns that have been around since the Hoosier state became a state, but Danville, Indiana is one of them, much to the joy of its 8,000 citizens. Potential buyers of Danville homes for sale should scope out downtown Danville, which reflects just how proud the city is to be one of the original Indiana burgs. Downtown, you can tour the Hendricks County Historical Museum for their dozens of documents, photographs, and Danville artifacts; glimpse the Hendricks County Courthouse, where government issues for the county have been discussed for decades, or have a bite to eat at Wiggles Café, a Danville diner that looks to revive the simpler days of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry.  Historic Danville real estate can also be found throughout downtown and Danville’s city limits. If history is your bag, you could do worse than settling down in Danville, Indiana.

Fishers, Indiana

Photo of Downtown Fishers
When you ask pollsters what the best place to live in Indiana is, most of them will be conflicted between Carmel and Fishers (at least if you ask the major magazines). Fishers has been on the list of Best Places to Live in the United States for both Forbes and Money magazines, so Fishers homes for sale continue to be in high demand. The biggest tourist attraction in Fishers is certainly the Conner Prairie Living History Museum, which allows guests to visit a pioneer village, dance with Lenape impersonators, bale hay, make crafts, and more. Fishers real estate owners certainly love their culture, a fact anyone can figure out because of Fishers’ array of art galleries and artistic organizations, like the Fishers Symphony Orchestra, which hosts free concerts in the park during the summer. The population of Fishers has grown by a whopping 506% over the past twenty years, and this Central Indiana suburb just keeps climbing the charts of desirable places to live.

Franklin, Indiana

Photo of Franklin Greenway Trail
Way before there was I-65, the town of Franklin, Indiana had a place in the geography of Indiana. Though the highway now runs through Franklin, the town (originally founded in 1872) continues to consider the days that have gone by as its best days. Franklin real estate reflects this vision of the past; many vintage homes are on sale routinely in Franklin, most often in the downtown sector. The movie Hoosiers is based on the Franklin Wonder Five, a high school basketball team hailing from Franklin that went on to defeat a much bigger school for the Indiana state title. Potential buyers of Franklin homes for sale might be swayed by the variety of recreational opportunities available for residents of the town, including the Johnson County Museum of History, the Blue Heron Challenge Course, the Franklin Cultural Arts and Recreation Center, and Franklin College.

Greenfield, Indiana

Photo of Greenfield Old Towne
Greenfield, Indiana is almost as old as Danville; the town dates back to 1828, when it was founded on the east side of Indianapolis. The county seat of Hancock County, Greenfield continues to attract new businesses to its growing economy, and Greenfield residents are happy to live in their idyllic Indiana town. James Whitcomb Riley is a name that has plenty of associations for Greenfield real estate owners: Greenfield was the boyhood home of the popular Hoosier poet, and several local attractions are named after him, including the Riley Festival, the James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home, and the Riley House. Art fans looking for Greenfield homes for sale might be persuaded by the artistic influence in Greenfield: restaurants like Bread Ladies Café exhibit works by local artists, while galleries like the Crazy Lake Art House gather the best of Greenfield’s art in one place.

Greenwood, Indiana

Photo of a Greenwood Business
Though it’s officially a part of Johnson County, Greenwood is more or less an extension of southern Indianapolis; you won’t even be able to tell you’ve passed into Greenwood if you’re driving down the highway. Retail, big box stores, chain restaurants, and clothing stores dominate Greenwood’s economy, making it something of a shopping destination for southern Indianapolis. If you’re a golf fan, you might want to glance through Greenwood homes for sale, because this Indiana suburb has six golf courses to its name. Amenities for Greenwood real estate owners also include plenty of parks and green spaces, a small town atmosphere, and unique stores in the Old Towne Shops district. You can also get a good education in Greenwood: the city is home to branches of Ivy Tech Community College and ITT Technical Institute.

Martinsville, Indiana

Downtown Martinsville
Martinsville, Indiana thrived on an unlikely combination in the early 1900’s. The town was one of the top goldfish hatcheries in the country, and that combined with the reputation of its healing mineral spas make Martinsville something of a boom town, with Martinsville real estate going for crazy rates. Martinsville still hatches about 20 million goldfish each year, but its hatcheries aren’t the economic powerhouses they once were. The mineral spas have also been debunked, leaving this town of 11,000 residents to wish for the glory days. Decrepit icons of Martinsville’s former prosperity are all over the place, and potential buyers of Martinsville homes for sale who want to learn about more about the area can do a little research at the Old Morgan County Jail or the Morgan County Courthouse for a quick Martinsville history lesson.

Mooresville, Indiana

Photo of Downtown Mooresville
Indiana’s gold and blue were first designed in the small Indiana town of Mooresville, Indiana, aptly known as the home of the Indiana state flag. Unfortunately, it was also the home of criminal John Dillinger, who grew up in Mooresville. You won’t find many Dillinger mementoes in Mooresville, but you will find plenty of sterling examples of Mooresville homes for sale. People and businesses continue to pour into Mooresville, in large part thanks to the low tax rates and low utility rates that pervade this Central Indiana town, and, since Mooresville is only about 10 miles southeast of Indianapolis, it’s an easy commute to and fro the Circle City. Mooresville real estate owners love events like the Apple Festival and the Mooresville Craft Fair, each of which brings roving crowds to Mooresville’s city limits.

Noblesville, Indiana

Noblesville Originals Art Gallery
Indianapolis and Carmel may have a lot of art galleries, but when you evaluate art galleries per capita, the suburb of Noblesville, Indiana could very well come out on top. Local galleries like the Artists’ Vineyard and the White River Gallery compete with national names like the Anthony J. Padgett Gallery (one of two in the entire world; the other is in California). Noblesville real estate owners each get different things from Forest Park, Noblesville’s top attraction. Loco-maniacs will enjoy the Indiana Transportation Museum located in Forest Park, while links legends can play to their heart’s content at the Forest Park Golf Course. And nothing beats the Forest Park Aquatic Center for those sweaty summer days. If you’re looking for Noblesville homes for sale, downtown Noblesville is a great place to get a feel for the town, what with the presence of small town eateries, historical landmarks, and the Hamilton County Historical Society.

Plainfield, Indiana

Photo of Plainfield Village Theater
Though Plainfield, Indiana may have a rather dull, the town is consistently defying expectations. Named after its founding Quakers (a self described “plain” people), Plainfield is centered around U.S. 40, otherwise known as the Old National Road. Many Plainfield real estate owners make it routine to visit Chateau Thomas Winery, both for its excellent vintages and for its consistently good events. Potential buyers of Plainfield homes for sale who can’t stand the heat might be glad to know that there’s always the Splash Island Family Waterpark’s water slides and lazy river for a summer cool down. Business is also booming in Plainfield: industrial zoning comprises some 25 million acres of Plainfield property.

Westfield, Indiana

Photo of Westfield Regal Cinema
In many ways, the town of Westfield, Indiana is your typical Central Indiana community. There’s lots to like for the golfer in your family in Westfield: professional lessons are available at the Wood Wind Golf Academy, and all the proving grounds you could want you can find at the Bridgewood Golf Club, 750 acres of perfectly manicured course. The Westfield Washington Historical Society can take potential buyers of Westfield homes for sale along a tour through several stops that used to be a part of the Underground Railroad, a historical fact Westfield residents are particularly proud of. There are also plenty of everyday, run of the mill attractions for Westfield real estate owners, including local watering holes like Carey’s Tavern and Bucky’s Grill & Pub, not to mention fresh produce once at week at the Westfield Farmers’ Market.

Zionsville, Indiana

Photo of Carter Building
Zionsville, Indiana, a Central Indiana community with some 9,000 residents, is looking to bring back the old city square design plan. The goal is to create a downtown Zionsville that will act as the cultural and commercial hub of this Indianapolis suburb. Zionsville real estate is burgeoning thanks to this new focus on development in the community, and residents of this Boone County town look forward to the change. Like many Central Indiana towns, art is a thriving part of the Zionsville life style, helped along by organizations and galleries like the Sullivan Munce Cultural Center, A King’s Art Studio, and Art for You. Sweetening the pot for potential buyers of Zionsville homesfor sale are the wealth of events that come through Zionsville each year, including the Zionsville Fall Festival, the Traders Pointe Hunt Charity Show, and the Independence Day Festival.